Saturday's Absurdities of the Day: Far Too Many to Use Just One

At the end of this incredibly catastrophic week for the people of Afghanistan (especially the women and girls) and for America’s standing in the world, let’s take a look at a raft of utter and complete absurdities that popped up in just the past 24 hours.

So good of you to finally let us know. - The corrupt travesty that is the Federal Bureau of [selective] Investigation announced in a new report Friday that it has found “scant evidence” that the Capitol Riot of January 6 was centrally coordinated by anyone. This important bit of information comes 8 months after the fact, and after a steady stream of inflammatory statements and actions by the FBI in the meantime have provided fodder for the Democrats and their media allies to mount a coordinated effort to brainwash the public into believing that the riot was some sort of “armed insurrection.”

Let’s also note that this latest FBI report comes after revelations that the corrupt agency itself had at least a dozen operatives embedded in the crowd that day, with several being caught on video trying to whip the crowd into a frenzy. The claim of “scant evidence” of central planning also comes despite the proof from Day 1 of participation in the riot by multiple known Antifa terrorists.

In keeping with the agency’s long-time pattern of deceptive behavior, its dirty work now accomplished here, this report is a classic and transparent butt-covering exercise that attempts to whitewash FBI involvement in carrying out and inflaming the entire event.


No surprise here.

*** *** ***

Wait, she’s doing actual reporting??? That’s not what we do! Get her the hell out of there! - And just like that, after CNN reporter Clarissa Ward received days of praise from her colleagues for her reporting on the ground outside the Kabul Airport - including the airing of several reports that directly contradicted statements coming from our national Sock Puppet-in-Chief, CNN suddenly told her to get on a plane and get the hell out of that armpit of a country on Friday afternoon.

Here’s an example of some of her real reporting:

As I wrote yesterday, Ward has willingly and knowingly taken paychecks from CNN, a transparently-fake news propaganda outlet that actively coordinated with the Democrat party to steal the 2020 presidential election. Nothing she does now or in the future can ever wash that stain off of her.

And here we see the scum who run CNN proving just what a propaganda machine it truly is by pulling their only employee who has been doing real reporting on the ground in Kabul with no prior notice.

Here is all Ward was allowed to say upon leaving:

Can anyone doubt she was removed after demands from the White House that CNN stop contradicting the agreed-to narrative? Of course that’s what happened. We all know it.

But wait: That’s not what the Sock Puppet told us. - Even Biden’s own corrupt officials can’t bring themselves to stick to the utterly mendacious narrative the Sock Puppet rolled out during his fake press conference Friday. Bare minutes after Biden assured the fake reporters in the White House briefing room that Americans in Kabul were having no problem with the Taliban giving them safe passage to the airport, circus clown Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin said this:

Oh. You don’t say. You just could never make these people up, folks.

ABC Buries the lede, again. - First, just a note that ABC News still has refused to release at least 900 words of the interview between the Sock Puppet and George Stephanopoulos, choosing to release only carefully-edited excerpts instead. Even those excerpts make the fake president look completely out of touch and hopelessly ignorant, so one can only imagine how awful the unreleased bulk of the interview went for him.

But the same fake news network continued its efforts to tilt the fake news in favor of this inept and corrupt administration’s narrative on Friday in an interview with an American trapped in Afghanistan named David Reaboi. Reaboi believed that the focus of his interview would be on the fake U.S. visas the Biden state department concocted and sent out to thousands of trapped U.S. citizens, a ridiculously amateurish piece of paper that has no real validity but that they hoped might fool the Taliban.

Naturally, some of those citizens then turned around and made thousands of copies to give to their Afghani national “friends,” many of whom were actually Taliban sympathizers and have now spilled the beans to the Taliban savages.


But of course, ABC is a propaganda outlet that doesn’t really want to focus on such a terrible story for the Sock Puppet administration. So when the interview aired, they had left out most of the part about the fake visas. Mr. Reaboi objected to that, and attempted to correct the record on his Twitter feed:

The corruption of our fake news media is so deep and institutionalized that it can never be corrected.

Finally, check out this lovely video:

Next time you see them, be sure to thank your Biden-voting “friends” for this. Because this is what they voted for last November, and they were warned.

That is all.