Saturday's Absurdity of the Day: No Speech From the Sock Puppet to Commemorate 9/11

And frankly, that's just fine.

9/11 is supposed to be a solemn occasion for Americans, a day when we remember those who were lost and those who performed such brave and selfless acts on that day 20 years ago and in the weeks after. It’s a day for remembrance, and reflection and thoughtfulness.

So, how did the nominal president of the United States behave at Ground Zero? Why, by removing his mask to give shout outs to cronies in the crowd, of course. Check it out:

Look, you have to forgive him: He’s clearly suffering from advanced dementia and has lost his social filter, to the extent he ever had such a filter to begin with. You really can’t expect a person in his condition to behave any differently.

Perhaps this is why his staff announced early this morning that, for the first time in the 20 years since that terrible day in 2001, the sitting occupant of the White House will not be delivering live remarks to the American people commemorating the anniversary of the most heinous and deadly attack on our country’s home soil since Pearl Harbor.

From that story at Breitbart:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that Biden would not deliver live remarks because he was traveling to all three memorial sites to mark the anniversary of the attacks.

“The events are not set up that way,” Psaki said when asked during the daily briefing whether Biden would deliver live remarks.

“Because he’s attending an event with several other former presidents and of course former prominent officials in the morning in New York, in order to get to all of the events it just doesn’t work that way,” she continued.

Psaki said the White House would release a video of President Biden to mark the occasion.


Obviously, the Sock Puppet’s evil, elder-abusing handlers cannot trust their ward to deliver spontaneous remarks in any setting, least of all in a setting as demanding of proper presidential decorum as the three sites of the 9/11 atrocities. So, the pre-recording of a scripted video was their only available resort.

Frankly, we should all be fine with this decision, given Biden’s own culpability in the systematic destruction of our own society that has taken place due to our government’s response to 9/11. There is really nothing he could say about any of this that would possible make things better and not worse. We’d all be much better off if he and his fellow ex-presidents stayed away from these ceremonies.

Isn’t it instructive to note that the one person who has served as President who has no culpability in any of this - Donald J. Trump - was not invited? Think about that.

This is where we are in America today, and it is utterly absurd.

Thanks, Democrats.

That is all.