The Campaign Update: Missing America on 9/11

Here we are, on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities - a term our utterly currupt news media has never been able to bring itself to apply to the horrific acts of that day for fear of offending the “peaceful” religion of Islam - and all I can think about is how much I miss America.

Because America is not America anymore, and it hasn’t been for some years now. That fact will be emphasized again today in Afghanistan, as the Taliban marks this solemn date by formally inaugurating its newly-formed government. In all of the history of this country, never has the international community been treated to such a stark vision of American impotence as will be on display today in Kabul.

How far have we allowed ourselves to fall into the abyss in just 20 years? Our entire country has become an enormous surveillance state thanks to the passage of the Patriot Act and other anti-freedom bills by congress, signed into law by President George W. Bush and renewed by every congress and president since.

I flew to California and back on Wednesday, in the process receiving a clear reminder of all the utterly futile impositions on our liberties that Americans have passively accepted in the name of “safety” in the past two decades. It was an exhausting day, made all the more exhausting by the requirements to practically disrobe and re-dress and being frisked by mall cop security agents because I had the temerity to forget and leave a tiny piece of paper in my pants pocket. None of that is the fault of the security agents, mind you; it’s the fault of idiot politicians who pass laws requiring them to act like they’re stupid and don’t know the profile of those most likely to be terrorists.


There is a 98% accurate profile, you know: It’s military-aged male Islamists, about 80,000 of whom we just admitted into our country without any real vetting by all the woke idiots who staff the Biden administration. But our TSA agents have have all been required to ignore that reality and treat 80 year-old African American women in wheel chairs as if they’re the real danger among us, and we’ve all been brainwashed that we’re bad people if we recognize the utter absurdity in all of this.

How far have we fallen into the abyss? So far that we had to listen to our brain-addled Sock Puppet-in-Chief warn us on Thursday that he is losing his patience, not with the Taliban, or Al Qaeda or ISIS-K or whatever we’re calling the most recent strain of Islamic terrorists, but with American citizens who don’t want to get a vaccination.

That’s who Joe Biden is really angry at - not the Taliban terrorists who are holding hundreds of U.S. citizens hostage at the Kabul airport for the last two weeks. Hell, you aren’t supposed to even know that’s been happening, and your corrupt news media has been pulling out all the stops to avoid reporting on it. That’s far we have fallen into the abyss in 20 years.

How far have we fallen into the abyss? Every day in our society is a day of new narratives brought to us through the corporate brainwashing operations that our news media outlets have devolved into. If you aren’t being accosted with brainwashing about COVID or the “Religion of Peace,” you are being hit with wave after wave of brainwashing messages about “Climate Change” that would have made Joseph Goebbels dance with glee.

How far have we fallen into the abyss? Our children are being turned into frightened, barely functional automatons through 10 years of learning little other than these brainwashing narratives. You don’t have to believe me about that: Just go spend about an hour on Twitter trying to have any kind of fact-based discussion with anyone under the age of 30. You can’t do it, and I’ve stopped trying.

How far have we fallen into the abyss? Even American adults who should know better, people as old as me who weren’t brainwashed during their own school years, can be found all over social media platforms now, parroting the abject nonsense they glean from watching Rachel Maddow and Fredo Cuomo or the Sock Puppet in the White House as if it is the truth.

But of course, it isn’t the truth. It’s pretty much all the opposite of the truth.

If thinking Americans have learned anything that really is true over the last 20 years, it should be that they literally cannot trust anything our government or news media tell us. That’s the single most obvious truth in American society today: We simply cannot trust anyone in a position of authority to tell us the truth about literally anything.

That’s how far we have fallen into the abyss, what America has been transformed into in just 20 years.

Shortly after the 9/11 atrocities had been committed, Osama Bin Laden famously told his followers that they didn’t have to defeat the U.S. in any military way: All they had to do was to be patient and wait for America to defeat itself.

And that’s exactly what we have done.

I miss America. God Bless you all.

That is all.